The three LinkedIn funnels I use to find, attract, convert  and close high-ticket clients with LinkedIn - and make 6 figures without spending a dollar on ads!

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As featured in:

"If you are thinking about doing her program - just do it. I just finished a 10 week Mastermind last night and I can only rave about Mirna. I found her work very detail oriented and thorough. Her calls always lasted two hours which is pushing the envelope in my opinion but that's how committed to delivering value Mirna is.

I found her very intuitive and astute in her comments. That's her connection to the Universe when in flow I guess. As a marketing expert, I found I hadn't looked at my own stuff the way I needed to. Working with Mirna made that happen and gave me a couple of aha moments.

She's a master at what she does and if you reciprocate with your time and take action, you will get the results you deserve."

- Dhiren Desa (Director - Strategy and Business development)

"I was looking to generate leads for my business using linkedin and found Mirna. She walked me through what she could do for me without any sales pressure at all. She more than impressed me with her overall knowledge about marketing and not just with Linkedin. Mirna also gave me a lot of great information on where I should start and why, which is more than any other company has done.

I've been in the financial services industry for over 25 years and marketing is unfortunately a necessity. I've had many years of experience TRYING to market with mediocre success at best. Save yourself an immense amount of time, frustration, and money, and take Mirna's course and her advice. She will MORE than over-deliver. I think she actually likes to see you squirm and fight as she tears you down just to build you back up and turn you into a marketing guru despite yourself! (Right Mirna!?) You simply will succeed at marketing if you listen to her.

By the time you are done you will have the ability to generate as many leads as you wish. You will have the knowledge yourself and have no need to depend on anyone else unless you wish. You will have the ability to generate sales/clients/leads, etc... for no cost just like she says.

Even after her course has been over, she is still contacting me to follow up to ensure my success. I can't recommend her enough, she really is that good!

Contact me if you have any questions about her program, I give her 10 thumbs up!!"

- Dave Coyman (Financial Advisor)

"Mirna guided me from start to finish and today I have my own lead generating system for LinkedIn. I’m in digital marketing business for years, but it was quite refreshing learning new concepts that apply to LinkedIn and these are quite different than what we are used to in traditional online lead generation.

In three months I have learned a lot from Mirna and I can recommend her to everyone who sees their potential clients on LinkedIn, but don’t know how to approach them effectively."

- Peter Selekar (PPC Marketing Expert)

“We thought we were getting a LinkedIn coach, but Mirna has proven to be so much more than just that. She’s a massive scale and optimization coach, helping you take the proper steps to stand out from the crowd and be the best at what you do.

The result actually helped us get to full capacity on our service side, and now we’re taking our number of leads to new heights using Mirna’s direct guidance. She’s the kick in the ass that every company needs, no matter how well you think you’re doing.”

- Austin Netzley (Book Marketing Expert)

Get Your "LinkedIn Funnels" E-book now!

Finally get step-by-step guidance about how to find and attract your quality leads on LinkedIn...and then convert them to high-end clients with predictable and profitable LinkedIn lead generation funnels!

Who is Mirna Bacun and why should you care?

(a.k.a the "About Me" or the "In Search Of A Coconut" section)

Look, I get it.

Here is a part where I need to explain how awesome I am, and that I have the best LinkedIn consulting online business in the world.

But, let me make it a bit more interesting for you.

Let me tell you where and how many times I failed and what I learned.


Because I want you to get a REAL picture of what it ACTUALLY takes to get to the place in your business where you snap pictures of  yourself on the beach with a coconut in your hand - and post it to Facebook using #freedom #onlinebusiness #success hashtags so everyone can admire your cool entrepreneurial life.

Here are some facts:

  • I worked as a camera-girl, video-editor and motion designer for 10 years in Zagreb, Croatia. I got fired from my job when I busted my knee, with a "you are no good to us if you can't hold a camera" message as a greeting the next day I (tried) to come to work.
  • I started my first online software-as-a-service business after working for 12 hours a day as a freelance video-editor. I wanted to create a business where I'd work less while making money online.
  • The though of me on the beach with the coconut in my hand fuelled me while I worked 15-hours a day on my SaaS startup for 2 years. In those 2 years, I literally had one (yes, ONE) Saturday off. I made $50k with LinkedIn without spending a dollar on ads, which was good. The beach and the coconut never came, though, but chronic sciatic nerve inflammation did.
  • Then, I decided to leave my SaaS startup and was completely broke. I couldn't afford to pay my bills or heating in my apartment during the "-10 degrees Celsius Zagreb Winter" of 2016. I spent most of my time at my sister's place because she had the heating on so I didn't have to freeze my ass in my apartment.
  • I started my LinkedIn consulting business in April 2016. and made $45k in 9 months by using a LinkedIn lead generation strategies that enabled me to get high-end clients on regular basis. No more referrals. Finally some good news.
  • Don't believe everything you read. While working from a sandy beach with a coconut in your hand you realise the sand can get in your computer and break it - but nobody ever told you that, did they?
“To sum it up, I made six figures with LinkedIn in just two years - with two completely different businesses. I turned LinkedIn into my primary income stream, scaled my business with high-end clients and stopped relying on referrals.”

Was it easy?


Was it worth it?


Now, to answer your question.

Why should you care?

Well, if you are a coach or business owner that wants to succeed more then fail, and wants a proven LinkedIn lead generation system that a others (like me) have developed by going through many trials and errors and in desperate need of a coconut, then you are in the right place.

If you run an successful business, and want to finally grow your business with high-end clients or just create another stable income stream - then LinkedIn is the best (if not the ONLY) place for you.


Because your high-end or corporate clients most certainly are on LinkedIn.

P.S. - The coconut is not easy to clean or eat, so don't trust everything you see from those "travelling entrepreneur millionaires" on Facebook - it's a trap!

What did LinkedIn enable me?

...When Ramit Sethi talks about you on his Facebook and Instagram... 

It's a pretty great place to be in business when the "big names" recognise your success and start to talk about you.

LinkedIn made that happen for me. Just 9 short months after starting my LinkedIn consulting business, my success caught Ramit Sethi's eye, and he shared my story with the world.

...When your online business gives you the Freedom to travel the world...

Running a successful LinkedIn consulting online business is a lot of work, but it has it's perks - like the freedom to travel the world, work from where ever you want, with whom you want - when you want it.

LinkedIn made that happen for me, too.

...When you get the opportunity to co-author a book with the industry leaders... 

Getting published in a book alongside the industry leaders is a dream for many experts and coaches - and this is a dream come true for me!

I was asked to be a co-author of the book "Taking The Leap" and write about LinkedIn strategies. Other authors in the book include the likes of Jack Canfield, Mark Thompson and Marshall Goldsmith, and the book is available on Amazon!

Pretty neat, right?

Get Your "LinkedIn Funnels" E-book now!

Finally get step-by-step guidance about how to find and attract your quality leads on LinkedIn...and then convert them to high-end clients with predictable and profitable LinkedIn lead generation funnels!