Attract the RIGHT, quality leads on LinkedIn and convert them to clients.

Add additional five or six figures to your business - just with your LinkedIn Profile.

This LinkedIn Profile made me over $120,000 in 2 years and became the No. #1 revenue stream for my business!

Are you a coach or a business owner that knows your high-paying clients are on LinkedIn - but you just don't know how to find, attract and convert them? 

Well, chances are that you just haven't implemented the right, proven LinkedIn strategy - and that's why you can't attract your high-quality leads on LinkedIn or turn them into paying clients.

I'm Mirna Bacun, a LinkedIn lead generation expert.

In the last 2 years I've made over $120,000 with LinkedIn without spending a dollar on Ads - and in the last year alone, I made $59,479.21 just with my LinkedIn Profile.

More importantly, I cracked the  LinkedIn code and added a powerful revenue stream that generates additional five figures to my business - on autopilot and without spending a dollar on ads.

There you are. The 'proof' you've been waiting for.

I'm going to cut my story short for you here

(but it IS interesting...)

In 2013 I started my first software business, and we struggled to find clients. I had investors in the company, and the pressure to sell and grow was huge - but my startup wasn't going anywhere.

I tried EVERYTHING you can imagine and all the lead generation strategies everyone told me would work; Facebook ads, cold calling, cold e-mailing, SEO, blog posting - you name it - but nothing was working. We weren't able to get clients, my startup was failing and the investors were concerned about getting their money back."

Honestly, it was a nightmare.

And then, out of pure despair, I tried to use LinkedIn for our startup and we made almost $50,000 of recurring revenue in about a year, without spending any money on Ads.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2016.

After I realised I was miserable working as a CEO of a software company, I decided to shut my startup down and start over.

I was in debt with no idea what to do.

Then, I decided to use LinkedIn to get clients for my second business and teach them how to use LinkedIn to find, attract and convert quality leads to high-ticket clients.

(See what I did there? I used my own LinkedIn strategy to teach others that same LinkedIn strategy. That's what I call being transparent.)

And guess what.

As a direct result of the right strategy, positioning and optimisation of my LinkedIn Profile, alongside with the knowledge and understanding how to find, attract and convert my LinkedIn Profile visitors to clients - I made $59,479.21 in a year as a LinkedIn consultant in my second business, without spending a dollar on Ads.

I've been able to get high-quality leads to ask ME about MY services, instead the other way around...

And eventually, my success with LinkedIn got me featured on Ramit's Sethi Growth Lab (he wrote about me on his Facebook wall, too...)

Soon, I had the likes of Kimra Luna asking me to do a LinkedIn Workshop for her BTBY students (cool, right...?)

Also, I'll be published as a co-author with the coaching super-stars like Jack Canfield, Marshall Goldsmith and Mark Thompson in a book "Taking The Leap" that's coming out at end of 2017!

Last but MOST important, I got to spend 2 months in Thailand in the beginning of 2017, while my LinkedIn Profile STILL got me clients...(Talk about freedom.)

Okay, enough about me, let's talk about YOU...

Honestly, if you are a coach, consultant, business owner or you just work in B2B, then you need a LinkedIn Profile Strategy to help you: 

Find the RIGHT, high-quality leads on LinkedIn.

Knowing where and how to find high-quality leads for your business on LinkedIn is CRUCIAL. Stop wasting time talking to people that will never buy from you if you want to grow your business.

Attract those quality leads to your LinkedIn Profile.

Positioning as an expert, building trust and likeness is the key on LinkedIn. If you want your high-quality leads to ask YOU about your services or products on LinkedIn, you need to stand out from your competitors. 

Convert leads to clients with your LinkedIn Profile.

If you know how to convert your quality LinkedIn leads to clients, you'll always be able to grow your business, without worrying about your income stream or where the next client will come from.

"I got two new client immediately PLUS doubled my coaching fees and increased my connections up to 60% within weeks!"

Before I bought Mirna’s course in November 2016, I was reading and listening to her free LinkedIn Profile video tips and made the changes on my LinkedIn Profile she suggested.

Within a month I got my first client with LinkedIn, paying double the fee than my Facebook clients. The second month, I got another client over LinkedIn.

Then, I bought Mirna's 'Link Profile Funnel 2.0' and got 2 more clients immediately - I got four new clients in four months, adding $4,000 of recurring revenue to my coaching business!"

- Alexandra Ponton (Career Coach)

If you know your clients are on LinkedIn, but you just don't know how to get them...

"Then, it's time to get in the game, my friend."

If you are in B2B space, a coach, consultant, or just a business owner and you are working with "per client" - then generating quality leads on consistent basis is a must.


Because, without quality leads your business will die. It's simple as that.

So, why would you care about LinkedIn?

Well, LinkedIn is the ONLY business social media network where you'll find decision makers, CEO's, business owners and people that can actually write you a $10,000 check.

It's also the only platform worth your time if you are looking to sell your high-end service as a coach, or close a $20,000 deal with another company as a business owner. 

Your potential clients are all on LinkedIn.

So, why aren't you leveraging LinkedIn the right way to turn all those opportunities into clients and revenue?

I get it.

Nobody ever showed you HOW to do it.

Maybe "LinkedIn gurus" told you WHAT you need to do on LinkedIn, but never HOW to actually do it - find and attract your quality LinkedIn leads and convert them to clients.

So, I have some good news and some bad news.

THE BAD NEWS - you have already lost a lot of time on the wrong strategies, wrong platforms and the wrong people teaching you the wrong things.

THE GOOD NEWS - you finally have the opportunity to change this, right now.

Link Profile Funnel 2.0

The 'Link Profile Funnel 2.0' is the first LinkedIn implementation online course where I'll make sure you implement, step-by-step, a LinkedIn strategy that will turn your LinkedIn Profile into a lead generation funnel and enable you find, attract and convert high-quality leads from LinkedIn into clients - on autopilot!

If you are looking for a steady stream of high-paying clients or an additional and profitable revenue stream for your business - then this course is for you!

"Implement a LinkedIn Profile strategy in just 6 short weeks (that took me 4 years to learn), turn your LinkedIn Profile into a lead generation funnel and start getting clients with LinkedIn."

LinkedIn Profile is like your business card that could make and break your business. Learning how you can use it to get in front of the RIGHT leads and make them buy your services and products is something that I've learned for years by testing, failing and eventually - succeeding.

It's time you finally start getting clients with LinkedIn. Use your LinkedIn Profile. Turn that LinkedIn Profile into an (automated) lead generation funnel. It works. And it looks like this.

What will you learn in the course?

How will you implement what you've learned in just 42 days?

How does it all work?

My job is simple - to TEACH you and make sure you IMPLEMENT what you've learned in the 'Link Profile Funnel 2.0'

In other words, to make sure you get high-ticket or corporate clients and have an additional, proven revenue stream on your business. 

Let's be honest, shall we?

How many courses have you bought in the last year that you NEVER implemented?




The biggest problem with online courses is that they don't provide you with a learning experience that would guarantee that you'll ACTUALLY implement what you've learned, which leaves you unwilling to invest in other courses and learn other skills necessary for you to grow your business.

Also, this leaves you frustrated and broke - and you didn't even get the results you were looking for while buying those courses in the first place!

Watch this video to see behind the scenes of how the 'Link Profile Funnel 2.0' works and how this course is going to change your learning experience!

Week 1: Business Basics

"You think you know who your Ideal Client is? Think again."

So, you already know who your Ideal Client is, or at least you think you do...

In the Week 1 we'll dive DEEP into the psychology of your target market and your ideal client.

You'll also learn how to position your product or a service towards that market - and TRUST ME, it's not like anything you've learned before.

You'll get videos, cheat-sheets, ​daily tasks and assignments to send directly to me and my team.

Without this knowledge, you don't be able to position yourself as an expert in your field and differentiate yourself from your competition - EVERYWHERE, not only LinkedIn.

Week 2: Your LinkedIn Target Market

"Never get quite the RIGHT leads on LinkedIn? It's time to change that."

One of the biggest problems that LinkedIn users, looking to use this platform to generate leads and clients have is - not knowing the tricks and tips of FINDING their LinkedIn target market.

I'll teach you a super-powerful strategy that no one teaches that will MAKE SURE you find your really high-quality leads on LinkedIn.

If you learn this, you'll never again have to worry about THE WORNG people looking at your LinkedIn Profile or spend time talking to leads that will never buy anything from you. Guaranteed.

Week 3: Your LinkedIn Profile

"Your LinkedIn Profile is not attracting quality leads? Let's fix it!"

The LinkedIn Profile can be your ticket to charging $5,000, $10,000 or even $20,000 per project.

Everything on LinkedIn starts with your LinkedIn Profile, and you need to learn how to optimise it the RIGHT way - to attract leads and convert them to clients.

So, how do you to that?

By doing practical work - implementing what you learn and optimising your LinkedIn Profile the RIGHT way.

What you learn in Week 3 will give you ROI for years to come, because - once you understand how to position and optimise your LinkedIn Profile - the sky is the limit for your business.

Week 4: Your LinkedIn Profile

"Did somebody tell you you need to put a bunch of keywords on your LinkedIn Profile? They were wrong."

LinkedIn Profile optimisation is so much more then putting a bunch of keywords in it.

It's about telling a story your LinkedIn target market will understand and make them like and trust you - because that's why they'll by your products or services.

If you learn how to optimise your LinkedIn Profile to attract high-quality leads, you'll never have to worry about finding clients ever again.

Week 5: Driving Traffic To Your LinkedIn Profile

"If you intentionally don't drive traffic to your LinkedIn Profile - you won't get clients. It's as simple as that."

The key to a successful LinkedIn Profile funnel is to intentionally drive traffic to your LinkedIn Profile.

And there are number of places on LinkedIn where you can do that. 

In Week 5 I'm not only going to show you what you need to do to intentionally drive traffic to you LinkedIn Profile - but also HOW to do it.

If you learn how to drive traffic to your LinkedIn Profile, you'll have a lead generation machine for your business.

Week 6: Driving Traffic To Your LinkedIn Profile (Tricks, Tips And Automation)

"Wouldn't it be great if you could automate driving traffic to your LinkedIn Profile? Okay, let's do it."

The magic word in every business is - automation.

Even though there are not a lot of things you can automate on LinkedIn when it comes to lead generation - there ARE options, and automation is possible.

If you learn tricks and tips how to automate certain parts of lead generation on LinkedIn, you'll have a lead generation machine on autopilot.


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Why students love the 'Link Profile Funnel 2.0'?

How will you know if your need this course?

"If you are a business owner working in the B2B space looking for an additional revenue stream for your business, a consultant working with corporate clients or a coach looking to find high-ticket clients - and you don't have constant stream of quality leads and clients in your business..."

...Then you need 'Link Profile Funnel 2.0'!

LinkedIn is superior to any other social media if you are working in B2B. All you need is the right LinkedIn lead generation strategy and you might TRIPLE or even QUADRUPLE  the number of quality leads, subscribers, appointments and ultimately - sales.


Because you'll start connecting and talking to the RIGHT people, the ones that can actually write you a check!

And remember - everything on LinkedIn starts with your LinkedIn Profile!

Your LinkedIn Profile is your business card, your sales page, your lead magnet page and the tool for warming up your leads - ALL IN ONE!

But, why is LinkedIn important in the first place?

Why should you care about this boring "resume" site?​

Let's see some stats...(You'll be surprised.)

Well, you might be surprised with these stats, but all of us using LinkedIn for years now most certainly are not.

Honestly, it doesn't matter if you are just starting your lead generation with LinkedIn or if you have already used LinkedIn to get leads, you still need a systematic approach and a LinkedIn Funnel strategy that will not only work tomorrow - but can get you high-quality leads on autopilot for years to come.

What Do You Get With The "Link Profile Funnel 2.0"?

6 Guided Implementation Weeks Get CLEAR guidance on what you need to do to turn your LinkedIn Profile into a lead-attraction machine and convert those leads to clients.

$497 Value

23 Video Lessons High-Quality Resolution, Accessible Via Any Device Online - Access For Life!

$2,300 Value

Cheat-Sheets And Course Material Get fillable cheat-sheets, Templates And Other Course Material - Access For Life!

$997 Value

Access To The Facebook Group Where your will get support and meet like-minded people. In other words - accountability and community.

$297 Value

BONUS #1: "Beyond LinkedIn" Workshop Recording Access For Life!

$497 Value


Get Instant Access to 'Link Profile Funnel 2.0'!

Enrol in "Link Profile Funnel 2.0" now!


Lifetime Access To The "Link Profile Funnel 2.0"

Cheat-Sheets, Education And Working Materials

Access To The EXCLUSIVE FB Group

BONUS #1: "Beyond LinkedIn" Recorded Workshop


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What About The Bonus?

BONUS #1: "Beyond LinkedIn" Workshop Recording

$497 Value

The 'Beyond LinkedIn' Live Workshop was held in June 2016. with my friend Phill Wess Sardi, an official coach for Ryan Levesque and his "Ask Method".

In the workshop Phill went through and explained in great detail the three sales funnels you can set up 'outside' LinkedIn, that are a great fit and compatible to LinkedIn Profile Funnel and LinkedIn lead generation strategies you'll learn in the course.

Phill explained how to set specific "outside LinkedIn" sales funnel as a logical step for your leads to take, once they get to like and trust you on LinkedIn - so you can convert them to paying clients in the quickest way possible.

If you are a marketer, consultant or business owner that generates leads (or wants to) with LinkedIn then this training is a MUST for you!


Get Instant Access to 'Link Profile Funnel 2.0'!

Enrol in "Link Profile Funnel 2.0" now!


Lifetime Access To The "Link Profile Funnel 2.0"

Cheat-Sheets, Education And Working Materials

Access To The EXCLUSIVE FB Group

BONUS #1: "Beyond LinkedIn" Recorded Workshop


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Your 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

The 'Link Profile Funnel 2.0' comes with the 30 day Money-Back guarantee.

However, since this is a 42-day course and I want you to really give this amazing course a chance, for a full refund you'll need to fulfil all core requirements - you'll need to watch the videos, fill the daily questionnaires and submit weekly Final Assignments.

As you probably know by now, I'll be able to see everything you do on the backend - what you've submitted, what tasks you finished and what assignments you uploaded. If you submit pictures of your dog, instead of screenshots of your LinkedIn headline you just created after going through the course, for example, I'm going to assume you didn't do the work needed for this course and you might not be eligible for a refund.

"So, if you really gave this course a chance, did the work and you are still not satisfied with it - I'll gladly refund you your money, no questions asked."


Some of the questions that you might have. If they're not here send me an e-mail to and I'll answer you as soon as I can.

When will I get first clients as a result of the course?

Do I really have access to the course for life?

What if I cannot submit final assignments on time?

Can I get kicked out of the course?


Get Instant Access to 'Link Profile Funnel 2.0'!

Enrol in "Link Profile Funnel 2.0" now!


Lifetime Access To The "Link Profile Funnel 2.0"

Cheat-Sheets, Education And Working Materials

Access To The EXCLUSIVE FB Group

BONUS #1: "Beyond LinkedIn" Recorded Workshop


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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