Get all my original LinkedIn, Facebook and DM organic strategies that have helped both me and my clients create wealth in our businesses in the last seven years, even in the toughest of market times. 

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What do students have to say about the LinkedIn Community: Inner Circle Membership?

Things are changing rapidly and we don't just want more information.

We want the RIGHT, PROVEN information, and strategies that can get us to where we want with as few mistakes as possible - making sure we can grow our businesses in the times that await us.

When I started my LinkedIn consulting business in 2016 (that was a LONG time ago!), I always held a vision that I wanted to create long-lasting, organic strategies not only for my own business but also for my audience.

With that vision in mind, I soon realized that most consultants in my space are actually just regurgitating old information and strategies that they've picked up from one another - and selling them as their own.

It was clear from day one that I will NOT share that same faith, and having trust in my own abilities, I started to develop, test, and validate my own organic LinkedIn (and later on Facebook) organic strategies.

My focus was to create strategies based on integrity and ethics, that will also work long-term because I was never about getting rich quick. Getting rich quickly usually leads to burnout and is not sustainable.

I was aware that building a sustainable online business requires a deeper understanding of the market and organic strategies that work not only today but a couple of years from now.

That's why I've focused on building lead generation strategies based on integrity and ethics. which resulted in my business (as well as my client's businesses) always standing the test of time.

Most LinkedIn and online gooroos complained I complicate things, and while they were selling automation (which does not work) I took the path of patience and focused on perfecting my strategies to the teeth.

More importantly, I never sold anything I never tried and implemented in my own business FIRST.

Seven years later, I can proudly say that my LinkedIn and Facebook organic strategies always stood the test of time and as the market shifted - while others were struggling, we were thriving.

With serving over 500+ unique customers (over 1400 overall) and clients over the years and building LinkedIn and Facebook communities where I was called the "non-BS LinkedIn Queen" (these are the words my audience uses to describe me), I've finally decided to give access to my courses and Masterclasses for a fraction of the price to the public.

Most people consider me an OG :)

Why am I doing this?

Because you need it.

As we battle changes in the market (pandemic, war, recession, inflation), I want to do two things to help my audience:

- I want to give you access to strategies that REALLY work, where you don't have to go through trial and error but just IMPLEMENT the strategies and they will work

- Help you financially, so you don't have to cash out thousands of dollars in advance but enjoy access to these secrets on an affordable monthly basis

- Give you an opportunity to use my knowledge to make more sales and increase the value of your offers

These two things are a win-win because you don't have to sacrifice paying for things that you need to in order to keep your life and business running (and we all have expenses) and you can still use my knowledge to get new, ideal clients for your business.

It's time to give - and this is my first step in doing so.

See you inside!

Crush LinkedIn with powerful organic strategies and attract ideal clients

LinkedIn is still one of the best (if not the only!) social media platform where you can get clients that have the money to invest in your services. Whether you a looking for a "big shot" CEO or just your "regular" ideal client - The Inner Circle Membership has you covered!

In the Inner Circle Membership, you'll get access to all the proven-to-work LinkedIn courses to help you get your ideal client to say yes to working with you.

All of the LinkedIn courses in the Inner Circle have been tested and proven to work for almost seven years - so you can just relax, implement and start getting desired results with LinkedIn.

Crush Facebook Groups and start monetising your Facebook audience organically

If you have a Facebook Group or thinking on opening up one - the main question you are going to want to solve is - how to monetise your Facebook audience.

In the Inner Circle Membership you'll get courses that will reveal all of my organic FB Group strategies that enabled me to earn six figures with my Facebook group - year after year.

If you are building any kind of online audience, it's monetisation is going to be crucial for your business.

Engage, qualify and convert ideal clients with ease with authentic DM conversations

Talking to your audience in DMs and converting the absolute best, ideal and aligned ones is really easy.

When you learn how EVERY human brain perceives communication, what stages of conversations you need to go through in DMs, how to keep your attitude and mindset right - and qualify your audience in DMs in a fun way...

...converting more clients that vibe with your mission is going to inevitable.

In the Inner Circle Membership program, you are going to learn how to have sales conversations with anyone - whether you are using DMs, sales calls or regular email.

Watch this short 5-minute video to find out what you get with the "Solo Player" Tier!

Watch this short 5-minute video to find out what you get with the "Team Rocket" Tier!



You missed out!




[Minimum 6-month commitment for the CM pricing] 

Price is paid in GPB, but equivalent to the price in USD.  Grab the $35 USD/mo BF price and lock in your price forever.



  • Access to all Mirna's relevant LinkedIn, FB and DM Courses, Masterclasses and Bundles (over 10,000 Value)
  • Access to BONUS section that will fill/unlock new content and trainings on monthly basis (internal trainings, group client recordings etc.) ($2,000 Value)
  • A dedicated Thrive membership platform ($1,000 Value)
  • Access to future and guest courses and trainings ($500 Value)
  • Opportunity to attend new (internal or public) Masterclasses under heavily-reduced prices ($1,000 Value)
  • (NEW & HOT) Opportunity to licence out ALL the courses/the whole membership site to your clients or audience under a ridiculously affordable pricing ($1,000 Value)



[Minimum 6-month commitment for the CM pricing] 

Price is paid in GPB, but equivalent to the price in USD.

Grab the $65 USD/mo BF price and lock in your price forever.



  • Everything in the "Solo Player" Tier ($15,500 Value)
  • Access to the private LinkedIn Community:Inner Circle Facebook group ($500 Value)
  • Access to one call per week (4x month) with Mirna and her three (hand-picked and vetted) coaches on topics of LinkedIn, Mindset, DMs, Sales etc. ($2,000 Value)
  • Access to the coaches in the private FB group during workdays to post any questions, get feedback and guidance ($1,000 Value) 
  • Access to +50 video training and Live calls done by the experts in the Inner Circle In the last 10 months ($500 Value)
  • Access to new, guest expert Live calls and interviews ($500 Value) 

What results did my students and clients have over the years with the strategies I share with you in the LinkedIn Community: Inner Circle (CM) Membership?

My name is Morena Russell. I help female entrepreneurs to manage their business money so they can keep more of it, build a cash reserve and pay themselves more.

I have always been really intimidated to talk to people that I don’t know. I used to feel that I was rubbish at small talk, so when I saw what the Messenger Accelerator was about I knew that it was a still I needed to work on. My biggest fear is to say the wrong thing, what people are going to think… and that stopped me from literally opening my mouth or initiating any sort of conversation.

I struggled with the belief that my services are not valuable enough, that there are other people out there who are stronger than me and that stopped me from promoting my services. My business is currently about financial management (done for you model) and I wanted to change the business model to be done with you, a more coaching approach because my goal is to reach more people and leverage my time. I was craving for finding my first coaching client.

When coming into the Messenger Revolution Accelerator, I set a goal to learn the still of messaging, starting conversations, knowing what to say, qualifying people during these conversations. All the things that the Accelerator Program was about.

I had heard from Mirna and knew she was a LinkedIn expert. However, after meeting Mirna and Ruby, having a conversation with them during a virtual event I could feel how genuine they were and how they knew what they were talking about, which gave me the confidence to invest in the program.

I signed up my first coaching client during the program and what is remarkable is that I have done many programmes and that was the first time that I got a return on my investment before the programme even finished. I sold a 3 months coaching programme for £1,200 and I am so grateful for the person having trusted in me knowing that I am still experimenting with it and that I haven’t served people previously in that capacity.

The feeling around that momentIt was a great feeling to actually manifest something that I had been planning, working on for months and finally having someone saying yes it was really fabulous.

After the Accelerator, I am excited to be delivering a new program and looking forward to what will come out of it. I wake up every day feeling confident that I have something that it is valuable and important. I am more in tune with people, I feel more connected and that I have a much better understanding of where they are coming from.

Morena Russell - Finance empowerment coach

If you’re over the “wham bam, thank you ma'am” chat templates that make you feel a little sick in the stomach because you’re so fixated on trying to stick to “hardball” interrogation tactics…Y’know, the “let’s skip the date and jump into bed” trying to get someone on a call. Which let’s face it - sucks.

For a while there, I thought I was the only one who found this didn’t resonate with me. I was over receiving messages like that and I wasn’t into sending messages that are based on “how much money do you make” and trying to make someone feel like crap if they’re “not the right fit”.

I’m a Resilience Coach… I love having incredible genuine conversations with people and building rapport. I care deeply about how I leave people feeling in each conversation that I have. I believe in what you put out there, you create and it comes back to you. One thing I noticed when I started to connect with people on social media was how shocked they were at how open I was to helping, chatting, getting to know them, to understanding them. And helping them powerfully move through adversity.

I wanted to find a way that I could bring even more impact to others via my conversations, while also attracting new clients naturally. With no pressure. This is how Mirna came into my life. I saw that she was using messaging and DM techniques that were aligned with how I wanted to do business via messenger. If you’re like me and into neuroplasticity, intuition, mindset, inspiring others, are compassionate, understanding...Want to bring more of your own personality, your own qualities and simply being yourself (versus using icky chat templates) - you’ll love Mirna’s classy and authentic approach that not only creates impactful connections, and conversations… but also sales and clients that are qualified and that you love to work with.

Putting you in the driver’s seat with your messaging and dm’s, with your sales, and leading powerfully in your own life and with your clients. Mirna and Ruby, are incredibly skilled. They’ve made all the mistakes, trialed and errored, and spent years perfecting their craft in this. Their knowledge and the results they bring are truly remarkable. They hold you accountable to become brilliant at this yourself. And that’s because they hands down, abso-freaking-lutely care about their clients.

I consider myself truly grateful to be one of them. Thank you so much, Mirna and Ruby for your mind-blowing support and… and let’s be honest…You’re a couple of rockstars with what you bring to the table. Massive hugs, love you both!

Mandy Gibbons - Resilience coach for men

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