Join The challenge And Get Quality Leads, Clients And Sales With LinkedIn - In Just 5 Days!

In just 5 days, learn how to start attracting and converting your LinkedIn connections into clients with your irresistible LinkedIn Profile lead generation strategy (even if you are just starting out)

  • Find high-targeted leads on LinkedIn and stop wasting your time on leads that will never need or buy your services
  • Pick the right product/service for LinkedIn and instantly position as an expert in your industry
  • Optimize your LinkedIn Profile to attract your ideal LinkedIn leads and position as the expert in your niche
  • Convert your LinkedIn leads into clients with your LinkedIn Profile
  • BONUS: 4 Strategies To Help You Generate Leads by driving FREE, organic traffic to your LinkedIn Profile and turning it into a profitable lead generation funnel LONG-TERM.

LinkedIn, is currently the BEST B2B platform for finding high-quality leads and clients on the planet:

  • LinkedIn is the only BUSINESS social media network with over 550 million members
  • 25% of adult Internet users in the US are on LinkedIn and 40% of LinkedIn users check LinkedIn every day
  • 76% of those users are executives and decision-makers
  • LinkedIn has the most affluent demographic (and that is a fact!)
  • LinkedIn has 2x faster active user growth that FB or Twitter

About Challenge Host: Mirna Bacun

I'm a LinkedIn lead generation expert (I’d rather say LinkedIn strategist, but hey, you gotta have a “expert” in the title these days! :)) creator of LinkedIn Funnels, helping 6 and 7-figure businesses find & convert high-quality leads into clients with LinkedIn.

I’ve been using LinkedIn for generating high-quality leads and client from 2013., which resulted in starting two different business by using LinkedIn and making six figures year by year just with LinkedIn without spending a dollar on ads.

From 2016. I’ve solely focused on my LinkedIn consulting business and helped hundreds of my students and clients to find quality leads on LinkedIn, convert them to paying customers.

That resulted in, literally, hundreds of thousands of dollars of additional revenue for their businesses.

Here's what we're going to cover during this accelerating 5-day Challenge:

Day 01: Identify your ideal client for LinkedIn 

(16-minute HD Video Lesson + Cheat-Sheet)

Use a simple framework to identify who your ideal clients are, and which target market on LinkedIn has the biggest chances of having a problem that you can solve with your service.


Day 02: Find your ideal service/product for LinkedIn

(13-minute HD Video Lesson + Cheat-Sheet)

Find, choose and position the right service or a product for your LinkedIn target market so you can offer the ideal business solution to the audience that have a problem you can solve.

Day 03: Finding your target market on LinkedIn

(13-minute HD Video Lesson + Cheat-Sheet)

How to find your target market (based on your ICA) on LinkedIn so you can stop wasting your time on LinkedIn leads that will never need, want or buy your services.

Day 04: Creating an irresistible LinkedIn profile

(18-minute HD Video Lesson + Cheat-Sheet)

How to optimize your LinkedIn profile to make itirresistible for your LinkedIn target market so you can attract and convert them to clients.

Day 05: Driving free, quality traffic to your LinkedIn Profile 

(29-minute HD Video Lesson + Cheat-Sheet)

How to intentionally and strategically drive free,  organic and quality traffic to your LinkedIn Profile and turn it into a profitable, automated lead generation funnel for your business

What my clients are saying about the LinkedIn Profile Training:

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