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How Zero To Launch helped me make $95,000 with two completely different businesses in two years - without spending a dollar on ads

So, are you thinking about buying Ramit Sethi’s Zero To Launch?

Maybe your mouse was on the buy button just a couple of minutes ago, but you still weren’t sure whether to press it or not – and here you are reading this Zero to Launch review.

You might be thinking something in the lines:

“I see you had success with ZTL, but this course might not work for me.”

“Is Zero To Launch worth it? It seems like a lot of money.”


“They must have paid you to write this review.”

But, let me just say that I was in your shoes just a couple of years ago, asking the same questions about Zero To Launch that you might be asking yourself right now.

And to be completely honest – I thought that there was no way this course would work for me.


First of all, I come from Croatia, a small country in Europe that just a couple of years ago didn’t even have PayPal.

(“How was I supposed to start an online business from a country that doesn’t have PayPal? This course surely won’t work for me. It’s for people from US and UK or countries that have it all figured out when it comes to all things online.” – I thought.)

Secondly, when I bought the course, I was a CEO of a nutrition software startup, and selling software seemed to have nothing to do with building an online business, consulting or online courses.

I thought that there was nothing Zero To Launch could offer me that I could use in my software company to improve sales – and to be completely honest, there was no reason for me to buy Zero To Launch at that time.

I just knew that Ramit was a no BS guy, a great copywriter, and a very successful businessman - and I knew his course might come handy “one day.”

So, the real reason I bought the course was because of Ramit Sethi.

You can love or hate him, think he is brilliant or arrogant - but be sure of one thing...he knows how to build successful online businesses.

Everything was screaming against me buying Zero To Launch back in 2014. - but I did.

So, what happened next?

How Zero To Launch helped me make almost $50,000 with my nutrition software company in just about a year with LinkedIn, without spending a dollar on ads

Since I bought the course, I decided to take a look at it right away and see if I could use some of the strategies to help me sell my nutrition software.

It was a crazy idea, but as I started to look at the videos, my head exploded.

Yes, Zero To Launch IS a course about how to start an online business from scratch – but it is not ONLY about that.

It’s about mindset, positioning, marketing, copywriting, selling…basically everything you need (or you’ll need) in any business, no matter what you sell or who you are selling it to.

So, even though I was selling software at the time, I used Zero To Launch to create my first online course for the company and sell it alongside my nutrition app.

This was a HUGE breakthrough because I learned that even if you have an (online) business that sells another type of products or services – you still need to create amazing content.

You still need to position yourself from the rest and learn how and where to find your audience.

And, of course - you still need a product that this audience wants to buy.

“Give them what they want, and then give them what they truly need.” – this is what Ramit was saying throughout Zero To Launch.

And guess what?

I realized, while going through ZTL, that my target market doesn’t want a software solution – they wanted to learn how to start their online nutrition businesses.

(Talk about the punch in the gut.)

That was SCARY.

I had investors in the company, and I realized that if I want to sell my nutrition app – I need to firstly teach nutritionists how to start their businesses and find clients.

So I did.

Going through Zero To Launch, I figured what I need to teach them in my online course, as well as how to position and price it.

I learned how to build my first sales page with the help of Zero To Launch.

Even though I had investors in the company, we didn’t have money for ads (all the money went into developing the software), so I decided to use my LinkedIn group and started to promote my online course there.

The whole point was to give my target market (nutritionists and dietitians) what they wanted (an online course to teach them how to start their online nutrition business) and upsell them my nutrition app (what they truly needed).

This way I used Zero To Launch to make a new, up-front product in the company that my target market wanted to buy so I could upsell them my software solution.

The result?

My startup made almost $50,000 in just over a year with the LinkedIn group I created, without spending a dollar on ads – all with the help of things I learned in ZTL.

If I haven’t made that online course or applied all the things Ramit taught in ZTL to my software business, I would have never made the product that exploded our sales.

Now, how is that for a return on investment in ZTL?

(It's okay to push the buy button now if you want.)

How I went from zero to just over $36,900 in sales in eight months with my second business with the help of Zero To Launch

Fast forward two years.

It’s beginning of 2016, and I don’t want to do software anymore. I feel miserable being a software company CEO; things are falling apart, and I am in debt.

Croatia that now finally has PayPal.

(Yay! We’ve finally made progress.)

In January 2016. I have decided to shut down the nutrition app, walk away from my software startup and start over.

This was a HUGE decision for me.

At that time I had no money (I was in debt), no positioning, no e-mail list and no product.

I just wanted to start my own business, even though the odds were seriously against me.

But, I still had Zero To Launch, so I though it might be a good idea to use it the way Ramit imagined in the first place – to actually build an online business from zero.

I went through the course again, figured out what I could sell and used his strategies to validate my new product idea.

Since I used LinkedIn to make almost $50,000 for my previous company (and even charged one guy to build him a LinkedIn group) – it made sense to me to make a product to help people get clients with LinkedIn.

So, I used ZTL again to start my online LinkedIn lead generation and consulting business from scratch.

I already had experience in creating an online course, so I focused on the part of Zero To Launch that eventually helped me find my target market, position myself as an expert, build my e-mail list and launch my first LinkedIn course.

Ramit’s strategies and courses are no bullshit, and ZTL is "go-here-do-this, then-do-this-and-then-use-this-strategy-to-get-there" type of course.

In a nutshell, Zero To Lauch is a blueprint, and all you have to do is follow and implement it.

I did this and succeeded.


So, I used ZTL to position myself as the LinkedIn expert on Facebook and LinkedIn, create two online courses, start 1:1 LinkedIn consulting and a group coaching program.

I went from zero (April 2016) to just over $36,900 in sales by the end of November 2016.

Not only have I been able to start my second online business with the help of ZTL - but I’ve been able to make serious money with it.

(I won’t even go into the story where I bought Ramit’s premium course, The 6-figure consultant on December 16, 2016, and closed two $10k clients just seven days after buying it. The guy knows his stuff and his courses just work.)

Is Zero To Launch for me?

To be honest – it is IF you are going to implement it and use the strategies Ramit teaches in Zero To Launch.

(If you are not planning to implement it eventually – don’t waste your time.)

As you see, I bought ZTL while having a software company, and learned how to use it to make new, up-front product for the company which resulted in our sales skyrocketing.

So, you CAN use ZLT even if you have an existing business, and EVEN if that business doesn't seem to have anything to do with consulting or creating online courses.

Then, I built my current online LinkedIn lead generation business and made over $45,000 this year.

(Just a reality check – I still live in Croatia, and you might still not know where that is. I still don’t have easy payment options like some of you might have, but I as you see - everything is possible, and you don't have an excuse.)

And then, the big question - how was a no-name, coming from a small country nobody ever heard about able to have these results? Where is the catch?

There is no catch.

I just IMPLEMENTED Ramit’s Zero To Launch.

I didn’t just watch the videos and put in on the side.

This course offers A LOT to those that decide to put in the work.

What will you learn, specifically?

You’ll learn that you certainly have a skill or knowledge that others need and are ready to pay for.

(You wouldn’t believe what people make money with. Trust me, it's crazy.)

You’ll learn a strategic way of validating if someone is ready to pay for what you can teach them.

You’ll learn what they are willing to pay for and how to get started.

You’ll change your mindset, and you’ll start thinking in a more resourceful way.

(For example – I was always afraid of spending money. Now I know that the more money I spend, the more money I’ll earn.)

You’ll learn specific strategies on how to find your audience, get first subscribers and build your e-mail list.

(One of the strategies from ZTL helped me to position myself as the LinkedIn lead generation expert and trusted advisor on Facebook and LinkedIn and I eventually ended up on Ramit’s personal Facebook page. People buzz about me and I am even Kimra Luna asked me to do a LinkedIn webinar for her students in March 2017.)

You’ll learn the basics of copywriting, how to write content that stands out and will be relevant six months or a year from now – so you get fans instead of subscribers.

(What I learned in ZTL helped me to create two amazing case studies that still give me high-quality leads without paying for ads, and today I even help my clients create remarkable lead magnets.)

You’ll learn how to make a website and your first sales page.

You’ll learn how to create your first product, position and package it.

(ZTL helped me to make over $3,000 with my first LinkedIn course “launch.” I "launched" to a list of only 300 people, just a month after opening my LinkedIn company which enabled me to get out of debt.)

And yes – you’ll learn the psychology of selling and how to sell your product without being salesly.

You’ll get resources and case studies from other students, as well as access to awesome, supportive ZTL community and FB group where Ramit hangs out and answers student questions on a daily basis.

Yeah, you heard that right.

The guy’s hour is priceless, and you couldn’t pay for his advice even if you had gazillions of dollars - but he is hanging out in the ZTL Facebook group to help his students directly.

(To be honest, I never saw that coming.)

So, let's talk about the price. Is Zero To Launch worth it?


If you’ve been paying attention, you now know where I come from.

You maybe even looked Croatia on the map and found it.

(It's this tiny little dot on the map.)

But what you don’t know is that the average monthly salary in Croatia is about $770 - if you are lucky.

(If you think you’ve got it rough, think again.)

So imagine me thinking to spend $2000 in 2014 to buy this course - it seemed crazy!

But, I decided to INVEST in myself and my business.

Now, let’s do the math.

I invested $2000 in 2014 and made a total of about $95,000 in two different businesses thanks to different aspects and strategies of Zero To Launch.

That is 4650% return on investment in less than two years.

So, if you want to build an online business by using proven, no BS strategies that work no matter where you live and who you are – then Zero To Launch is definitely for you.

I think it's time to make a decision - and I hope you’ll decide well.

Good luck,


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