The 3 LinkedIn funnels you must have to get free, high-quality leads over LinkedIn on autopilot 

I’ve been quiet on this blog in the last couple of weeks, and the reason was really simple.

I was traveling a bit and spent the last 14 days in Italy, on a meditation retreat.

And I have to be honest.

If you asked me 12 months ago what do I think about all these “superstar” entrepreneurs that just seem to have it all figured out and write blog posts how they started from ZERO and turned it into a 6 figure business…

…How they travel the world and go on retreats…

Well, honestly – I felt like puking every single time.


Because those successful entrepreneurs seemed to be everywhere I looked online (and going places in real life) – and I was very much aware of how stuck I was in my business.

Their success just reminded me of how I want to be where they are (but I wasn’t even close).

I wasn’t going anywhere.

Nobody asked me about my opinion.

Nobody was envious of my success or read my blog posts.

And that was REALLY depressing.

And then, as you probably know, I become good at one thing.


(I have to tell you a secret – you don’t have to be good at everything. You only need to be good at ONE thing.)

As I started to use LinkedIn for my business, my business started to grow.

My income increased.

People started to ask me for my opinion.

People started to read and share my blog posts.

And none of that wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t identify out the most important thing for my business – LinkedIn Funnels.

In the next couple days I want to talk to you about LinkedIn Funnels and why they are crucial for your business, because the biggest mistake I see people do – is not having LinkedIn Funnels in the first place.

You might be asking yourself – what are LinkedIn Funnels and how you can even have one on this “resume” platform?

Well, it is simple, and I am going to explain what LinkedIn Funnels are in just one sentence.

If you are looking to use LinkedIn for free lead generation, then you need to know how to find high – quality leads, how to engage with them and get them OUT of  LinkedIn and into your e-mail lists, webinars or landing pages as soon as  possible – and you do that with LinkedIn Funnels.

I am going to go more in depth of every single of these in the next blog posts, but for now you only need to know one thing – you NEED to have three LinkedIn funnels in place for your business.

Trust me.

You NEED to have them, otherwise you are losing money.

Those three LinkedIn funnels are:

  1. LinkedIn Profile Funnel
  2. LinkedIn Group Funnel
  3. LinkedIn Message Funnel

These are crucial for lead generation.

And lead generation is crucial for your business.

TO get you started, I’ve decided to share a BLUEPRINT for the LinkedIn Profile Funnel, completely free, and you can download it here:


So, in the next days keep an eye on this blog, because I am going to explain a bit more about every single one of these.

And your head is probably going to explode.

In a good way.

I promise 🙂