The three LinkedIn Funnels that made me over $100,000 in less than 2 years

(without spending a dollar on ads)...

Published on May 12, by: Mirna Bacun

Today I want to share a short story with you about the one thing that changed everything for me and my business.

But don't worry.

It's not only going to be a story with a happy ending - my focus throughout this blog post will be to give you a blueprint of how you can replicate what I did with LinkedIn in your business, too - so you can find and attract your high-quality LinkedIn leads and convert them to clients.

So, I spent the first two months of 2017 traveling and working in Thailand, enjoying the sun and scaling my business - which is something I always wanted to do.

And I have to be honest.

If you asked me a couple of years ago what I think about all these "superstar" entrepreneurs who just seem to have it all figured out, write blog posts about starting from ZERO and turning it into a six figure business...

How they travel the world, work from the beach and go on retreats…

Well, honestly – I’d feel like puking every single time.


Because those successful entrepreneurs seemed to be everywhere I looked online (and going places in real life) - and I was very much aware of how stuck I was in my business.

Their success just reminded me of how I wanted to be where they are (but I wasn’t even close).

I wasn’t going anywhere.

Nobody asked me for my opinion.

Nobody was envious of my success or read my blog posts.

Honestly, that was REALLY depressing.

And then,  under pressured circumstances - I become good at one thing.


(I have to tell you a secret – you don’t have to be good at everything. You only need to be good at ONE thing to have a successful business.)

It was beginning of 2014, and I was a CEO of my startup, a nutrition software-as-a-service company.

We were struggling to get clients and we didn't have a marketing budget.

And I mean it when I say - we were struggling.​

We had investors in the company and they put enormous amount of pressure on me to just "come up" with clients and sales and figure it out - and I had no marketing or sales experience at the time.

(Talk about tough luck.)

I tried everything there is to try, from content marketing, cold calling, engagement, cold e-mailing but nothing was working.

We were a B2B company, but most of the strategies "that are proven to work" were focused on B2C - and I was banging my head against the wall.

I was super-stressed and running a company under that amount of pressure was just exhausting.

And then, one day, I saw a webinar about LinkedIn and everything changed.

I started to use LinkedIn as a lead generation platform for my startup.

I started experimenting, testing and tweaking the lead generation processes on LinkedIn - and it worked!

We got more quality leads.

More clients and customers.

The income of the company increased.

People started to ask me for my opinion.

People started to read and share my blog posts.

Plus - we made over $45,000 in just about a year by using LinkedIn, without spending a single dollar on ads.

Here you go...My first business focused only on  getting clients over LinkedIn. We didn't spend a dollar on ads.

Then, in the beginning of 2016, I decided to walk away from my startup and start my own business.

That was hard because at that point I was in debt, with no product, no e-mail list and no idea what to do.

So, I used what I've learned about LinkedIn to start my LinkedIn consulting business and I made over $55,000 in just about a year - again with no ad spent.

Basically, I do what I preach.

So, how did I do that?

How did I use LinkedIn to make over 6-figures in two different business without spending any money on ads in just 2 years?

Read on my friend, and I'll tell you all about it.

“To sum it up, in two years I made over $100,000 with two completely different business and without spending a dollar on ads. And none of that would be possible if I didn't identify the most important thing for my business - LinkedIn lead generation funnels."

Click above to download the three LinkedIn Funnel Blueprints that made me over $100,000 in two years.

What the are LinkedIn funnels and how does it all work?

Now, before we go further, I want you to really read this blog post until the end, because I have something special for you.

I am going to show you EXACTLY how to use LinkedIn funnels for your business, so you can find the right, targeted leads on Linkedin, attract them and convert them to clients.

Sounds good?

Alright, let's get to business.​

So, what are LinkedIn Funnels?

LinkedIn lead generation funnels are basically lead generation/sales funnels applied to LinkedIn.

Let me explain.

When I started using LinkedIn for lead generation in my startup, I experimented with different LinkedIn features and calls to action within LinkedIn that would enable me to convert my LinkedIn leads to clients in a more easy, predictable way.

But, I didn't want to just identify and attract quality leads on LinkedIn.

I wanted to find a way to convert those LinkedIn leads in an automated way - which is what MOST LinkedIn users, looking to get clients, have a problem with.

I wanted to create funnels within LinkedIn that would allow my business to get constant stream of quality leads and clients - because I knew my target market was there and all the other platforms I've tried just weren't getting me results.

(You have to go where your market is, there is no other way.)​

But, I also knew that I need to do things differently.

I knew that the old way - "get 5,000 subscribers in 7 days" approach - just won't work on LinkedIn.


Firstly, LinkedIn is a BUSINESS social media network and it should be your No. #1 lead generation platform if you are in B2B space.

(It's also great for finding high-ticket coaching or corporate clients, by the way.)

But, most importantly - LinkedIn is all about building relationships with your potential clients.

Taking that into consideration, I knew I needed to focus on creating a long-term strategy that would enable me to build relationships, trust and authority within my niche on LinkedIn, and that I need to come up with a lead generation system that would support that.​

I needed to figure out a couple of things:

  • How to find and attract the REALLY quality leads on LinkedIn that would be ideal for my business
  • How to position as an expert on LinkedIn, so those quality LinkedIn leads start to notice, like and trust me
  • How to convert these LinkedIn leads into paying clients

Your LinkedIn Target Market

I knew that if I wanted to answer these questions and create LinkedIn funnels that would work long-term for my business - I needed to firstly define my target market on LinkedIn in greater detail.

Defining your LINKEDIN target market is the step ZERO of everything you do or plan on doing on LinkedIn, and I suggest you do this BEOFRE you even think about using LinkedIn for lead generation.

(No, don't start connecting with people or "pimping" your LinkedIn Profile if you don't have your LinkedIn target market figured out.)

Because, if you don't define your LinkedIn target market - nothing else will work.

Trust me.

You'll just end up talking to the wrong people on LinkedIn, or you'll appear to be just like everyone else.

And positioning is EVERYTHING on LinkedIn, remember that.

So, when I talk about defining your LinkedIn target market, I'm not talking about how old your target market is or which TV series on Netflix they binge on.

I am talking about going deep into the psychology of the people you want to work with on LinkedIn – their needs, wants, pains and desires.

This is exactly what I did - I dig even deeper into the psychology of my ideal client, my product/ service I want to offer on LinkedIn and tried to answer an important question:

  • "How is my service or a product going to address my LinkedIn Target market's needs, wants, pains and desires?"

How is my product or a service going to solve their problems?

Only after I did that – I went on LinkedIn and started researching all the LinkedIn members (they are at over 450 million today and growing) to find the ones I’d want to work with.

This was a CRUCIAL step so I could finally define and pinpoint my LINKEDIN target market, build a lead generation strategy and create my LinkedIn Funnels.

  • "Once I figured out who my LinkedIn Target Market is, I started experimenting with different LinkedIn features and calls to action to intentionally "guide" my LinkedIn leads through LinkedIn until they have fulfilled a specific goal I wanted to test - for example, getting them on a strategy call with me or subscribe them on my list.
  • This is how I started to test and create LinkedIn lead generation funnels."

LinkedIn funnels are very similar to lead generation/sales funnels you see everybody using today – but just applied to LinkedIn.

One of the purpose for creating LinkedIn funnels was to narrow down all the LinkedIn members and identify the perfect, high-quality leads for my business:

  • The ones that have a particular problem I was solving
  • The ones that were already looking for a solution to that specific problem
  • The ones that were interested in talking to me

Once I found my LinkedIn target market, I started connecting with them by sending them a personalised message.

This helped me to get a higher invite acceptance rate, and enabled me to rapidly build my LinkedIn target market connection base.

It's important to connect with as many of your ideal clients over LinkedIn as possible if you want to really start leveraging LinkedIn.

But, I also know that this is the part where most people get stuck on LinkedIn - they connect with their LinkedIn target market and create a big connection base - but then they don't know what to do to convert those connections into clients.

And this is where LinkedIn funnels actually come in.

LinkedIn funnels are a strategic way of moving your LinkedIn Target Market (connections) from LinkedIn to your e-mails lists, webinar registration pages or anywhere else you need them to go.

Also, while you funnel your LinkedIn Target market through LinkedIn Funnels, you "qualify" them and build relationships, trust and likeness.

For example, I firstly connected with my high-quality LinkedIn leads.

Then, I funnelled them through my LinkedIn funnels to ”qualify” them I moved them from LinkedIn to my e-mail lists, my webinars or landing pages.

Since we had some interaction on LinkedIn, they were already "warm" and it was SO MUCH EASIER for me to convert them to clients.

So, after over a year of experimentation (and a LOT of trials and errors) I realized that - as you build sales funnels for your business - you can build lead generation funnels within LinkedIn.

And the result I got?

  • I identified and attracted my ideal, high-quality LinkedIn leads
  • I warmed them up and built trust with them
  • I positioned as an expert in the market
  • Got them out of LinkedIn and converted them to paying clients with less effort

How LinkedIn Funnels helped me make over $100,000  in less than 2 years, without spending a dollar on ads.

As you see, LinkedIn lead generation funnels helped me to not only start my both of my businesses - but to skyrocket them, period.

I didn’t waste time on leads that didn’t have a problem my services and products were solving.

I didn’t waste energy on leads that will never buy from me.

I didn’t spend money on ads that didn’t work.

(I didn’t spend a dollar on ads at all, to be honest).

And, if you ask me, LinkedIn Funnels are the most amazing lead generation strategy on the planet.

If you are in B2B space and you have a LinkedIn account but have never been able to use it to attract the right leads and convert them to clients, or you just didn’t know how – you have to incorporate LinkedIn funnels right away.

If you already have a LinkedIn account and had some success finding clients over it – then you need LinkedIn lead generation funnels to improve your LinkedIn lead generation strategy and create a PREDICTABLE stream of quality leads and clients.

Trust me, if you don't have LinkedIn Funnels implemented in your business yet - you are leaving MASSIVE amount of money on the table.

Don't do that:)

In any case, I have identified three LinkedIn Funnels that work really well, and they are:

  • The LinkedIn Profile Funnel
  • The LinkedIn Group Funnel
  • The LinkedIn Message Funnel

The LinkedIn Profile Funnel

The LinkedIn Profile Funnel is one of the most powerful lead generation funnels you can implement on LinkedIn, and I suggest you build one AS SOON as you identify your LinkedIn Target market and BEFORE you start connecting with people.

This is the LinkedIn Funnel I am currently using to get high-ticket clients, and about 80% of all of my consulting clients come from this funnel.

It made me tens of thousands of dollars already with, and I didn't spent a dollar on ads to maintain it - I just work on it for about 30 minutes a day.

Honestly, I'd say that this is the only LinkedIn funnel that you absolutely MUST HAVE if you are taking of finding clients over LinkedIn - because it uses the power of your LinkedIn Profile to attract and convert your LinkedIn leads into clients and sales.

If you are a CEO or a business owner looking for partners, clients or leads on LinkedIn - you need a LinkedIn Profile Funnel.

If you are a coach, looking for high-ticket consulting clients - you need a LinkedIn Profile Funnel.

If you are a consultant, looking for corporate gigs - you need a LinkedIn Profile Funnel.

As I said before, LinkedIn is all about positioning, and your LinkedIn Profile is your business card.

That's why in this LinkedIn Funnel the focus is on your LinkedIn Profile, and is basically the base for every other LinkedIn Funnel you might be thinking about incorporating.


Because everything on LinkedIn starts with your LinkedIn Profile.

Every funnel.

Every lead engagement.

Every potential client relationship.

Every lead on LinkedIn will check your LinkedIn Profile out before they engage in any way with you and you need to optimise your LinkedIn Profile for that specific audience.

If your LinkedIn Profile sucks, you'll never get quality leads over LinkedIn and you'll really struggle to convert leads to clients from LinkedIn.

So, if finding your LinkedIn Target Market is the step ZERO, then implementing your LinkedIn Profile Funnel is the step ONE.

Also, you need to understand how to optimise your LinkedIn Profile the right way to stand out from the crowd - and position as an expert that your targeted leads will want to get in touch with.

Now you might be asking yourself -  what do I need to do to get there and build a LinkedIn Profile Funnel? What are the steps of building the LinkedIn Profile Funnel?

There are three steps you need to take:

1) Identify your LinkedIn target market and find them using LinkedIn search

2) Optimise your LinkedIn Profile for that audience and put specific calls to action throughout your LinkedIn Profile

3) Intentionally drive traffic to your LinkedIn Profile using different LinkedIn features

These are the steps you need to take to build your LinkedIn Profile, in a nutshell.

You can download a free PDF below where I explain these three steps in a bit more detail - and don't forget to download your free LinkedIn Profile Funnel Blueprint to get the whole picture of how to do it.

Click above to download your free "LinkedIn Profile Demystified" PDF.

The LinkedIn Group Funnel

If you are looking to build a community and get super-quality subscribers from LinkedIn - then LinkedIn Group Funnel is for you.

(But don't forget - the LinkedIn Profile funnel is still a must, even if you want to build a LinkedIn Group Funnel.)

I used this funnel in my first business, the nutrition software-as-a-service startup to build a LinkedIn group of nutritionists - and this group is now almost 9,000 members and growing virally.

Most of the startup's income came from this funnel - almost $40,000 of recurring revenue was a direct result of the LinkedIn Group Funnel.

This funnel also helped me to build a list of over 2,000 super-targeted subscribers, without spending a dollar on ads.

It did require some time though.

As you can probably imagine, building any community  takes time, but once you do - LinkedIn Groups have AMAZING backend features that can enable you to get subscribers directly out of your LinkedIn group and into your list.


LinkedIn Groups are NOT as engaging as Facebook groups are, and engagement is low.

That's why I only use the Group Funnel when I want to be in my target market's headspace, build my e-mail list with super-quality, targeted leads and when I have a couple of months to focus just on that.

Keep that in mind, because if you go with the idea of building a LinkedIn Group Funnel to get engagement or the idea that you are going to get those super-quality subscribers tomorrow - don't bother.

In that case you'll be disappointed.

Your focus with this funnel should be to get your targeted LinkedIn leads in your LinkedIn Group and then out of the group on your list as soon as possible.

For example, if you are a LinkedIn Group owner, you can sent one announcement to all group members per week that goes directly into their e-mail inbox - and that's just one of the perks of having a LinkedIn Group.

So, what are the steps to building a LinkedIn Group Funnel?

Here they are:

1) Find and identify your LinkedIn Target market

2) Create a LinkedIn Group and position it towards your LinkedIn Target market

3) Optimize your LinkedIn Profile towards that market

4) Connect with your LinkedIn Target Market

5) Ask them to join your LinkedIn Group

6) Share content and soft offers (while providing a LOT of value) and position as the expert in the Group

7) Continue to grow your Group until it starts to grow virally

The LinkedIn Message Funnel

The LinkedIn Message funnel is the toughest one to "crack" out of all LinkedIn funnels, but once you do - you have hit a jack pot.

Even though I suggest you don't use the LinkedIn message funnel before you setup the LinkedIn Profile Funnel, most people actually do the opposite - and then wonder how come LinkedIn is not working for them.

Well, if you read this blog post, then you might have noticed I am referring to LinkedIn funnels as a lead generation SYSTEM, which means there are skipping steps.

For example, if you define your LinkedIn Target Market, but your LinkedIn Profile is not optimised towards that market - what's the point of sending LinkedIn messages?

As I said before, everything on LinkedIn starts with your LinkedIn Profile, and as soon as you send someone a LinkedIn message - this person is going to check your Profile out before even thinking about responding.

And THAT'S the main reason your targeted leads don't respond to your carefully crafted messages on LinkedIn. 

Because they don't know who you are, they don't like or trust you - and sometimes they don't even understand, by looking at your Profile - why have you contacted them in the first place.

So, what is the LinkedIn Message Funnel?

It's a set of carefully crafted and strategically send LinkedIn messages that build engagement and trust with your LinkedIn prospects until they do the desired action you want them to do.

Unlike what most people think - no, it's not a bunch of sales pitches sent to your LinkedIn prospects - and if you get a client by pitching them stuff over LinkedIn messages, they'll get pissed.

If you actually manage to close clients just by pitching them your products or services by using LinkedIn messages - it's most probably pure luck.

It is absolutely true that some niches require longer relationship-building Message Funnel while other niches react better on harder sales pitches (like lawyers, doctors, accountants etc.), but this is only because they have "My hour costs money, just let tell what you want" attitude.

For 85-90% of niches - the purpose of the LinkedIn Message Funnel is to engage, build relationships and trust with potential clients before you offer them ANY call to action.

So what do you need to create a LinkedIn Message Funnel?

Okay, so here are the steps:

1) Find and identify your LinkedIn Target market

2) Optimize your LinkedIn Profile towards that market

3) Connect with your LinkedIn Target Market

4) Send them an engagement Message 1 (read my blog post, an open-end question, introduction, give them free stuff)

5) Engage in the conversation with the ones that respond to the Message 1 

6) Those that didn't reply to the Message 1, send a Message 2 (ask a question, give free stuff, invite to read a blog post etc)

7) Rinse and repeat until you get them to do the action that you want

Your LinkedIn Message Funnel can have as many LinkedIn messages as you want, but keep in mind that they need to be carefully crafted, smartly positioned and strategically send.

You'll probably have to spend some time and effort to test the funnel out, because you'll firstly need to learn how your LinkedIn Target Market behaves and tweak it.

Good news is that once you crack the code - you really will have a completely predictable LinkedIn funnel that will give you ROI on your time and money for years to come!

So, what are your next steps?

I really hope you liked this blog post and that you learned a thing or two.

So, a quick question for you...

Have you thought about using LinkedIn for lead generation, because your target market is there - but just didn't know how and where to start?

Have you tried using LinkedIn to find and attract high-quality leads, but with no success?

Or maybe you've been able to pinpoint your LinkedIn Target Market, but you weren't able to convert them to clients?

Do you have a LinkedIn Funnel in your business that would do all these things for you?

Think about it...

If you feel like upgrading your game...

Then make sure you get all the free resources below (you'll also get free access to my 9-lesson LinkedIn Profile Funnel training) and - implement LinkedIn funnels in your business.

Let's do this!

See you on the other side!