Two most crucial things to know before you start lead generation over Linkedin!

In the last blog post, I talked about the opportunities you are leaving on the table of you dismiss LinkedIn as one of your lead generation channels, and today I want to talk about the two crucial things you have to know before you start lead generation over Linkedin or take a Linkedin training about the topic.

To be honest, if you do that, you are leaving MASSIVE money on the table, because you know what?

With Linkedin, you can do lead generation for free.

Did you hear that?

Completely free, like I did.

I turned Linkedin into my lead generation, marketing and sales machine on autopilot, and I don’t spend a dollar on traffic.

Seriously, I spend $0 monthly, and my e-mail list fills daily with high – quality leads.

It’s doable with Linkedin, BUT.

To get to that point, you need to understand two things, which I am going to talk about today.

And before you go screaming – “GIMME STRATEGIES!!” – know that every good strategy comes from understanding the platform you are using and the work that goes BEFORE you start pushing buttons like crazy.

Because, I can give you all the strategies that made me earn 50K of recurring revenue on Linkedin without spending a dollar on marketing in a year, but they won’t work for your because you’ll be stuck with things you should have done BEFORE you started with Linkedin in the first place.

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Who is your target market?

It is a simple question that will make or break your marketing on any social media, not only Linkedin.

Who is your target market?


Can you explain it in ONE clear sentence, focused, narrow and not VAGUE?

The reason that this is so CRITICAL is because Linkedin has the BEST prospecting tools than any social media I’ve seen.

It’s so powerful, that if you don’t know EXACTLY who your ideal client is, how they live, how much money they make, do they like ramen noodles or chicken, are they single, married, single with kids from age 5 – 9 or whatever…

…you’ll miss out on everything that Linkedin can do for your business.

And it can do A LOT.

So, if you don’t do your homework, don’t expect Linkedin to do it for you.

For example:

My target market are nutrition providers from 28 – 45, who are looking to transition, start and grow their businesses online.

And this is a great start – but it’s only the beginning.

So, how well do you know your market? How well do you REALLY know them?

When you start prospecting on Linkedin by using its advanced search, you’ll have A LOT of options. Very clear, focused tabs to click and questions to answer.

You’ll have so many options; your head will spin.

Let me write them down for you really quickly.

You can search by Keywords, First Name, Last Name, Title, Company, School, Location and within that you can search by, well…

1st Connections, 2nd Connections, Group Members, 3rd + Everyone Else, Location, Current Company, Industry, Past Company, School, Profile Language, Nonprofit Interests, Groups, Years of Experience, Function, Seniority Level, Interest and Company Size.

And then you can take all of these options and mix them up as you please.

That is HUGE.

Do you see that?

If you don’t know who you target market is EXACTLY, you won’t be able to utilize Linkedin’s powerful tool for finding those targeted, VERY targeted and HOT leads.

So, the first step – do your homework, and do it REALLY well. You have to know how they live and breathe – and that is your action step for the next couple days:)

Remember, Linkedin is not Facebook, and you’ll get completely overwhelmed, because Linkedin enables you to find real people to connect with, not 200,000 of ‘might – be – my – potential – clients’ people like you do with Facebook ads.

On Linkedin, you’ll start to connect with humans, individuals with real jobs and real interests.

What is your Linkedin goal?

The second thing I want to address is also important.

And it’s about your goal for using Linkedin in the first place and how you are going to get there.

Duh – you say – I want free, high – quality leads, like you have!

Well, if you want to use Linkedin as a great lead – gen tool, then you need to get one thing straight.

You are not going to use Linkedin to chit – chat with people, or see the “engagement” that you see on Facebook.

If you want to use Linkedin as an impressive lead generation tool, then your focus should NOT be how to engage with people on Linkedin (like most of you think) but – how to get those prospects OUT of Linkedin and into your e-mail lists.

There is an enormous difference.

Most people focus on the wrong thing on Linkedin.

They see engagement as liking, commenting and sharing, and you forget that the real business conversation happens on your e-mail lists, on the phone and in person.

For me, engagement over Linkedin means getting people out of Linkedin by using different strategies, and them signing up for my lead magnets, so I can get to talk to them more personally.

Linkedin is just a path from my prospect to my e-mail list and nothing else.

I couldn’t care less if someone likes my Linkedin status or comments on it.

If they do, that’s cool, but my main focus is to get as many of my high – quality leads into my e-mail lists by using various parts of Linkedin that automates this process for me.

Linkedin is just a tube for me.

And I want to automate that tube to spit out high – quality leads to my funnels AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

So, stop dwelling on “engagement” over Linkedin, and start getting your high – quality prospects out of Linkedin and into your e-mail lists and funnels.

THAT is what I call engagement!

And that’s where your focus should be when it comes to Linkedin.


P.S. – Who is your target market?
P.P.S. – Yes, we’ll get to the “real” strategies soon, but if you don’t get this right, they won’t help you:)