What is Linkedin and why it sucks for your business?

In the next couple of blog posts I will share my experiences with Linkedin, but most importantly – give you some of the strategies I’ve used to make $47,040.46 of recurring revenue and connect with over 10,000 high-quality leads by using Linkedin, without paying a dollar for advertising.

Just a year ago I struggled to get my business off the ground. Then I discovered how to successfully use Linkedin for my business, and everything changed.

Today, I help biz owners, entrepreneurs, startups and marketers skyrocket their business by turning Linkedin into their marketing, sales and lead generation machine on autopilot so they can grow their businesses, have more revenue and make an impact in the world.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs are not aware of the incredible possibilities Linkedin offers to grow your business – and I am talking about BIG growth with no money.

That is why I want to start this first blog in my Linkedin blog post series to firstly help you understand what Linkedin is, and what it isn’t, so you can see the possibilities of Linkedin for your business (if you know how to use it).

This is very important, because Linkedin is NOT Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and the only reason that you don’t have success with it is because you don’t know how to use it, or where opportunities on Linkedin really lay.

And we are going to correct this today and in my upcoming blog posts.

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When you fail Big Time…

But, before I start I just want to address something.

I wasn’t always this Linkedin Expert and a successful entrepreneur. Far from it.

To be honest, my path as a business owner was awful, full of obstacles and struggles.

When I started with my business three years ago, I made every single mistake in the book. And I kept making mistakes, kept learning and trying different things so I could find something that works.

Something that would enable me to finally skyrocket my business.

My problems started at the very beginning – I had a product, but no e-mail list, no community, no marketing experience and no money to pay for traffic.

Then I went into a period of my life that I just simply call “Ramen”.

Why? Because back then I ate only ramen noodles, slept for 4 hours a day and hustled like a maniac to get my biz off the ground.

After that, I faced a different problem.

I got investors for my company.

The problem was that I needed to pour hundreds of thousands of their dollars into developing my nutrition software. I still had no marketing experience, but I had a small budget for marketing.

Of course, I failed with paying for traffic, because, like every other thing in marketing – you have to understand the platform you are paying traffic to, have somebody show you how to use it correctly and then test things out.

You need proven strategies, and I had none of these things.

I had investors breathing down my neck, no marketing skills, no strategies – and I was failing. BIG TIME.

At that point, I tried every single “strategy’ on the planet.

I did cold calling, FB groups lurking and contacting people with Facebook messages, attempting to get into forums and groups where nutrition providers (my target market) were hanging out, cold e-mailing, paying for traffic…

Nothing was working, and I almost got back to my 9 – 5 job. I thought about quitting every single day.

And then something happened.

I listened to a webinar about Linkedin.

Linkedin Groups to be more precise.

And from there – EVERYTHING changed.

So, what is linkedin and why it currently sucks for your business?

First of all, let’s cover what Linkedin IS.

For you, Linkedin is this “boring, un-engaging resume site”.

For me, Linkedin is a money – making machine.

Unlike what most people think, people don’t go on Linkedin just to find a job, people go there to DO business.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, Linkedin is a BUSINESS social media network, and anyone that cares about their business is on Linkedin.

When you want to do lead generation on Facebook, even if you are paying FB for traffic, you know that some strategies work really well on Facebook – but they don’t on Twitter.

You also know that “engagement’ means something different on Twitter than it does on Instagram and Facebook. They are similar platforms – but they are not the same.

You know ‘views’ mean two entirely different things on Youtube and Facebook.

And so on.

So why do you think that, for example, “engagement” on Linkedin means the same thing as it does on Facebook?

These are all similar platforms, but they are VERY different.

Trying to look at engagement on Linkedin and use the same standards as you do for Facebook is a BIG mistake, that costs you thousands of dollars every day.


Because Linkedin is the only BUSINESS social media platform, and people “engage’ there differently than they do on Facebook – and if you don’t understand that, you are leaving MASSIVE money on the table.

For example, people use Linkedin for different reasons then they use Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter – their motivation is entirely different.

If this were not the case, we would only have one social media today.

But we don’t, do we?

Some people like to post pictures more than leave statuses. Some people feel more comfortable with saying what they want in 160 characters, others like to do video…and then, some people like to do business without all of these “I like your status, please like mine” B.S.

Ladies and gentleman, the only reason Linkedin sucks for your business is because you haven’t learned the laws of engagement on Linkedin yet or applied the right strategies.

And the right strategies are…?

The ones that work for the type of people that use Linkedin.

You’ve been looking at Linkedin with a wrong set of glasses and because of it – you haven’t had success with it, that’s all.

How do I know this?

Because Linkedin works for THOUSANDS of biz owners, like me.

Are we wizards? No.

We just know the laws and strategies that apply to Linkedin, and the good news is – you can learn them as well.

But, Linkedin is a small network…

This is actually not true.

Linkedin is the biggest business online social media platform with over 400 million people that are ready to talk about business, do business, partner up or find work.

They are not there to share pictures and chit – chat; they are there to do business.

Those 400 million people are waiting to become your clients, not to like your posts and pictures or talk about the weather. You have Facebook and Instagram for that.

Also, do you know that 25% of adult Internet users in the US are on Linkedin?

Not kids, adolescents, and students, but people with a business who want to give you money.

No Justin Bieber type of people – but business owners, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, CTO’s, CFO’s and the lot.

But, Linkedin crowd is just not engaging enough…

Let me throw a number for you (which is true, by the way).

40% of Linkedin users check Linkedin every day and 76% of those users are executives.

Did you read that? Let me repeat.

Linkedin is a BUSINESS network!

And not only that – but did you know that Linkedin has the most affluent demographic (and that is a fact!)?


Because they are mostly serious business people (forget about spammy marketers that do they job poorly everywhere, as well as on Linkedin).

And if you think that Linkedin is growing too slowly….

Linkedin has 2x faster active user growth that FB or Twitter – and that is a fact, too.


You still think Linkedin sucks for your business?

Maybe it has so far, but now it’s time to change this (woo hoo!).

Because if Linkedin works for me, it can work for you, too.

You just need to learn how, and you can get much better results than me.

All you have to do is to have the right strategies in place.


PS – How do you see Linkedin and what have you tried so far?